Roof Asset Management – TectaTracker

Your Singular Solution for Managing Roof Portfolios

TectaTracker is a web-based roof asset management tool that tracks client roof system data and activity. This dynamic asset management software system offers facility managers a powerful tool to plan, budget, manage and optimize their roofing portfolio.

About TectaTracker

TectaPlan, our roof asset management program, begins with a detailed inspection of your facility. We estimate the remaining service life of your roof through an inspection of ten critical benchmarks including membrane condition, flashing, leakage, drainage condition, roof age, present repair status, insulation condition, rooftop traffic, interior occupancy and an overall assessment.

Through its user-friendly web interface, TectaTracker makes it easier than ever to forecast future expenditures, prioritize future projects – even smooth out costly spikes in your budget. With TectaTracker, all the answers you need are right at your fingertips, right from your desktop.


Take advantage of TectaTracker to achieve a higher level of control over planned roof maintenance and capital budgets:

Easy access, timely information

TectaTracker stores all up-to-date roof documents in one place and facilitates real-time roof inspection reports.

360° Scope of Roofing Conditions
TectaTracker provides complete, accurate data about the condition of every roof in your portfolio.

Total focus on roofs
Unlike “off-the-shelf” facility control systems, TectaTracker is strictly focused on roof asset management and Tecta’s trained roofing experts deliver richer, more detailed roof insights.

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You can also talk to a Tecta Rep about incorporating part of your roof portfolio into a pilot program.