Tecta America is the only U.S. based Company with a broad and successful track record of acquiring and integrating privately owned roofing contractors. We have the management depth, and industry knowledge, to quickly determine whether a contractor would be a fit for our team and organization. We have great respect for the people that make up potential acquisition operations and, in fact, our primary focus during any assessment effort is around the people – management, sales, estimating, project management, field supervision and the roofers.


We are a flexible buyer and willing to consider a range of opportunities but the following characteristics are targeted:

  • Total annual revenues between $5 million and $15 million;
  • History of profitability;
  • Great reputation for quality workmanship;
  • Experienced management team;
  • Stable workforce focused on productivity as well as safety; and
  • Strong market presence with ability to grow.


Tecta is a cash buyer with typical transactions having a number of similar components:

  • Negotiated value of the business based on stable/projected operating cash flows;
  • Market-based employment agreement – frequently with an earn out or bonus arrangement; and
  • Market-based lease terms for any owner leased property.

We generally state that we are looking for partners – not just sellers. In other words, we are most attracted to entrepreneurially led businesses where the founder/owner is looking for some liquidity but is still excited about their company and the potential for growth. He or she must also be motivated to ensure future employment and opportunity for the men and women who have helped build their business.

Tecta has completed over 20 acquisitions since inception and appreciates the need for confidentiality regarding possible transactions.

If this is potentially interesting – please contact any of the following people:

Mark F. Santacrose
Tecta Pres/CEO
Mark Gaulin
Founder and Board Member
Dave Reginelli