commercial roofing safety helmuts

At Tecta America,

safety in the workplace

is our priority.


Safety in the commercial roofing workplace is a crucial concern at Tecta. We care about our employees and others working around us. It is Tecta’s policy to provide our employees with a safe work environment through training and reinforced supervision.

Tecta America has one of the most comprehensive safety and health programs in the country. We are always working to enhance our safety program to improve the working conditions for our employees.

Our Safety Focus includes:

  • A drug-free workplace
  • Comprehensive employee screening
  • Dedicated safety staff
  • Internal safety review
  • OSHA general & extended training
  • First Aid certification program
  • Company-wide safety review
  • Comprehensive decision driving program for each driver at each location
  • Over 2000+ hours of safety training annually for our team members
  • Behavior based safety program
  • Insurance above industry standards
  • Safety job inspections
  • Ensuring employees know they have the right and responsibility to enforce safety; without retaliation
  • Consistently recognizing and upholding good, safe behaviors and practices throughout Tecta America

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