Our Team

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A Deep History

Tecta America has 8 Past NRCA Presidents and many who have served on the NRCA board, committees and regional associations.

NRCA Presidents include:

Don McNamara (President 1986-87)
John F. Miller (President 2000-01)
Mark Gaulin (President 2006-07)
Rob Therrien (President 2008 -09)
Rob McNamara (President 2009-10)
Allen Lancaster (President 2010-11)
Lindy Ryan (President 2015-16)
Kent Schwickert (Chairman 2018-19)

The Tecta America management team is made up of some of the most talented and experienced names in the roofing industry. We lend strategic and financial expertise to your roofing project by providing senior level management strength at the local level with the added benefit of a team of experts from our national divisions.

Mark F. Santacrose, CEO

Mark has been in the industry since 2000 and with Tecta since 2001. He is responsible for the general oversight, performance and the strategic direction of the company.

Prior to joining Tecta in 2001, he was the CEO and president of Entrade, an e-commerce business incubator that identified and created new e-commerce joint venture businesses from 1998 to 2001 and had previously been President of Bagcraft Packaging in Chicago, a leading converter of specialty packaging. Mark also practiced law in the Chicago area for a number of years prior to joining Bagcraft, with a focus on corporate, financial and transactional matters.

Mark has a BS Accounting degree from Marquette University; a JD degree from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law and an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Mark Gaulin, Board Member of Tecta America Corp

Mark has been in the industry since 1976 and is a founding member of Tecta America. He is also the former COO (2007-2010); and interim CEO (2013 – May 2014). He is a past NRCA President.

Dave Reginelli,  President and Chief Financial Officer

Dave has over 13 years of construction experience and 20 years manufacturing experience. Dave started with the company in 2010. He is responsible for all finance functions including controllership, treasury, and financial forecasting, as well as information technology.

Jeff McMenamy, Senior Vice President of Operations

Jeff has been in the industry since 1979 and is a founding member of Tecta America. He supports 50 locations and is responsible for providing coordination between each location and the Headquarters.

Kent Schwickert, Senior Vice President of National Business Unit

Kent has been in the industry since 1982 and is one of the original founders of Tecta America Corporation. He is responsible for leading national account sales and marketing programs for the company.

Kent is also active as a Vice Chairman of NRCA and has participated as a Board Member during several terms.

Kent has a BS degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Minnesota.

Nicole Eisenhardt, Senior Vice President of Service

Nicole has been with Tecta in 2006. She is responsible for service across the organization, overseeing training programs and recognizing future leaders.

Marc Benson, Senior Vice President of Accounting and Finance

Marc joined Tecta in January 2020 and oversees all finance and accounting functions.

Tecta employs a workforce of over 3,000 individuals, of which the majority are project foremen and roofing professionals. Roofing work is seasonal in nature and therefore Tecta maintains a flexible workforce that matches resources to market demand.