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Commercial Roof Replacement

Is roof replacement a better option than maintaining when the roof’s watertight bond, fails? At what point do roof leaks become extreme, and it’s time to replace the roof?

Here is how roof leaks can potentially affect the bottom line:

  • Internal damage: From ceiling tiles, carpet, computers, office space, cold storage, this could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace.
  • Production downtime: Shutting a production line down for a day could cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity.
  • Lost business: Roof leaks at an establishment can make expensive rooms unavailable.

Delaying roof replacement can add costs to a new roof project once the decision to replace it is made. Futile maintenance can allow water to penetrate the membrane and cause damage to roof system membranes, including insulation and the roof deck itself. Here are some potential added-cost considerations:

  • Tear off – add $1-2 per square foot.
  • Roof deck replace – add $2.00-5.00.
  • Asbestos removal (potentially for older facilities) – add 10% or more.
  • The roof contributes – on average – 5% to the construction cost of a building, and is the most debated component of a commercial building.


Building owners/managers should use their experience or consult with a roofing expert to establish a projected average service life of roofs. There are many systems in place to help keep portfolios organized. Several factors will influence a roof’s service life: design quality, installation, products, maintenance, roof use, and weather.

So when you are deciding between maintaining or replacing, look at your annual maintenance costs, and if they are exceeding what your annual new roof budget is, it may be time to replace.

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