Mercedes- Benz Stadium


Tecta America Atlanta did not install this roof but has taken over the service care of the roof and stadium. We started by working on the interior beer coolers and concrete sealer joints. Next, we serviced the roof for the manufacture and made repairs.  We have performed yearly inspections using our Roof Asset Management System and completed all repairs. The customer then asked if we could clean sloped roofs. We proceeded to perform a test to see how clean the roof would get with different products and to test the speed of the cleaning along with the safety set up and roof conditions. This was the first test so we could submit final pricing on cleaning the roofs before an upcoming event.

The main issue was the 5/12 slope with a three-year-old TPO on it. It was unclear how the roof would clean and how slippery it would be during the process. The cleaning process included 3400 squares.


We had to use ropes to tie off to along with having a second person down the slope to help keep the ropes and pressure washer hoses out of the way. The second person helped keep the tripping hazards away from the person cleaning.


Operating Unit: Tecta America Atlanta
Client AMB Sports & Entertainment
Industry Type: Entertainment
Project Type: TPO Cleaning
Location: Atlanta, GA
Square Footage: 12,000
Systems Installed: None