Majestic Commerce Center Phase 10


Founded in 1948 by Edward P. Roski, Majestic Realty Co. is the largest, privately-held developer and owner of master-planned business parks in the United States. The Majestic Commercenter was established in 1996, as a 1,500-acre, master-planned business park in Aurora, Colorado. As a portfolio developer, Commerce Construction and Majestic Realty build-out and manage the business park.


We furnished and installed complete TPO roofing system and skylights on 3 buildings. Installation includes R30 polyisocyanurate; mechanically attached TPO, 24-GA prefinished steel roofing related sheet metal flashings; skylight installation included cutting deck, wood blocking, curb and lens installation.


Completion                        Phase 10 – July 2018



Operating Unit: Tecta America Colorado
Client: Commerce Construction
Industry: Real Estate
Project Type: Installation
Location: Aurora, CO
Square Footage: 832,550
Systems Installed: Firestone Mechanically Attached 60-mil TPO, Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim, 287 Firestone SunWave skylights