Lincoln Plaza North


This project was both unique and challenging. Most of the work took place inside of a California
State Building, CalPers ( perhaps the greenest roof in Sacramento), at an outside plaza patio with
tables, planters, stairs to a 2nd floor deck and a waterfall cascading down from the 2nd floor to
the first. The problem was leaky waterproofing under the patio. The scope of work included
removing over 650 existing 24″ x 30″ x 2″ thick concrete pavers, storing them off site, removing
the existing trees, flowers and shrubs in planting areas and large concrete planters. Removal of
the existing waterproofing – EPS insulation and EPDM roof. All removal had to be done at night and
brought through the carpeted building, loaded onto trucks and removed from site. Each existing
concrete paver had to be marked and located on a roof plan before it was removed, palletized and
trucked back to Tecta’s shop and stored for 2 months.

After pavers were removed, all insulation and EPDM roofing were torn off and removed throughout
the building. After a month of General Contractor work, the new tapered roof insulation and
Fibertite PVC single-ply roofing had to be installed. Once complete the new roofing was water
tested and ready for the old pavers to be re-installed. Again at night all 650 existing pavers stored
at Tecta’s shop had to be transported to the site and carted into building. These pavers were
installed on top of adjustable paver pedestals in a staggered pattern. Getting the existing pavers
to fit exactly where they were before was extremely challenging and required patience and muscle
to complete. After the pavers were down, the new planter and planting areas were filled with
drainage boards, filter fabric, soil and plants the project was finished off with a nonskid paint
stripe at each stair tread and a concrete sealer at all exposed concrete. When all was complete
the waterfall was turned on and the tables brought back out for serving.


Operating Unit: Tecta America Sacramento
Client Lincoln Plaza North - California State Building, CalPers
Industry Type: Government
Project Type: New Construction, Reroofing/Replacement, Non-roofing
Location: Sacramento, CA
Square Footage: 7,000
Systems Installed: Single Ply, TPO