Headquarter Honda


Other than meeting all the LEED requirements through the scrutiny of third-party enhanced commissioning, each solution provided the following:

  • The vegetative roof offset the buildings impervious footprint by 6,000 sq. ft., allowing for the construction of additional service bays and a lube center. Because the site was fully developed, this extra space could not have been constructed per the municipal stormwater management regulations. The potential revenue stream generated from these additional services justified the feasibility of the entire project.
  • The Service and Lube Centers both received 200 sq. ft. of additional day lighting through diffused skylight assemblies. The lighting systems in these locations were automatically controlled and significantly reduced their demand during normal operating hours.
  • The 126.88kw solar PV system generates approximately 196MWH’s per year at a savings of $19.5k. The 80 gallon, 56 sq. ft. Solar thermal domestic hot water system provides all of the facility’s hot water needs. The systems were eligible for all the tax credits and incentives, including the $100k state PV rebate. Combined, they offset 15-18% of the facility’s utility expense.


Operating Unit: Tecta America Southeast, LLC Sanford
Client: Schmid Construction, Inc.
Industry Type: Auto Dealership
Project Type: Multiple ES
Location: Clermont, FL
Square Footage: 40,000
Systems Installed: LWIC and SRI 99 Modified Bitumen