USPS Morgan Facility


The U.S. Postal Service dedicated its first and New York City’s most extensive green roof high atop the Morgan mail processing facility. “Built in 1933, the 2.2 million square foot facility located in midtown Manhattan became a historic landmark in 1986. Its roof was constructed initially to serve as an additional mail processing location, supporting 200 pounds per square foot. When the roof was scheduled for replacement in 2007, it was deemed reliable enough to support the weight of the soil, vegetation and other requirements of a green roof. The living roof has non-native and native vegetation, 14 benches and an FSC sustainable wood art wall. The plan fit perfectly into the Postal Services commitment to creating sustainable spaces and facilities wherever possible.



This project consisted of the installation of a new PVC and green roofing over the existing roof. At 109,000 square feet, the Morgan Facility green roof is the largest in New York City. Infrared monitoring was used to check for moisture in the existing roofing. The PVC membrane and cover board were then installed over 3” insulation. 33,600 square feet of the roof was covered with river-washed gravel, 12,700 square feet was covered with concrete pavers, and 55,250 square feet was covered with a drainage layer and water retention mat. Four to eight inches of green roof soil media and sedum/grasses were installed on top.



Operating Unit: JP Patti Tecta America, LLC
Client: USPS Morgan Facility
Industry Type: Government (Federal)
Project Type: Re-roof
Location: Manhattan, NY
Square Footage: 201,338
Systems Installed: PVC & Green Roof