Bond Hill Residence

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This Bond Hill Customer needed a new roof, this was in bad shape. The shingles were “cooked” because the attic was not vented properly.  To vent it correctly, exceeding Ohio Code requirements, we cut in DCI SMART VENTS just above the gutters for intake venting.  Then, for exhaust venting, we installed a solar-powered exhaust fan visible just next to the chimney in the AFTER photos.  The result was a better looking roof with a 50-Year warranty and a cooler, more comfortable 2nd floor in the hot summer months.

The customer also needed a few other touch ups –

  • A new porch ceiling – We installed ALSIDE CHARTER OAK VINYL SOFFIT panels with trim work covering the exposed wood on the sides. 
  • A chimney that needed repair –  We repaired the chimney and then installed a BAND-AROUND CAP on it to keep the birds and animals out!


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