Avalon Condominium Sun Deck


Removal of existing ceramic tiles and thin-set mortar. Removal of EIFS at parapet walls. Installation of new Siplast Terapro Reinforced PMMA Liquid-Applied Waterproofing System. The system was properly flashed up the walls to stop water intrusion in the wall’s cavities and units below. Reinstallation of EIFS System. The system was applied in a pattern to mimic tiles utilizing a special tape and two (2) top coat colors.


The sun deck was over-occupied living space.  Special care and attention had to be taken during the removal and installation process due to weather concerns.


Operating Unit: Tecta America East Fruitland
Client: Mann Properties
Industry Type: Residential - Condominium
Project Type: Liquid-Applied Waterproofing
Location: Ocean City, MD
Square Footage: 1,950
Systems Installed: Siplast Terapro PMMA Liquid-Applied Waterproofing