Tecta Plan

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Don’t just manage your roof portfolio, control it

TectaPlan, the roof asset management program from Tecta America, provides the necessary information to manage a portfolio of roofs and the tools to optimize your roof maintenance and capital budgets. TectaPlan is powered by TectaTracker®, a proprietary platform designed to offer more effective management of your roofing portfolio. TectaPlan takes roof portfolio management to the next level by providing online tools to incorporate your facility expense and budget management. Reports, forecasts, and alerts, generated by TectaTracker will help you avoid unexpected budget and roofing issues, facility downtime, and premature roof failure or replacement.

Better information drives better decisions with:

  1. Comprehensive roof audits, including core cuts, CAD drawings, and detailed photos.
  2. Critical roof information consolidated in one place, so roof condition reports, drawings, photos, warranties and maintenance records are all just a click away.
  3. Real-time access to detailed roof condition reports and forecast data for your entire roofing portfolio. View your portfolio by region, individual location, or specific sections of each roof.
  4. Accurately forecast of roofing activity and expenditures to avoid potential problems, while efficiently managing your roof assets.
  5. Deliver detailed 5-year forecasts of anticipated roof maintenance and capital expenses.
  6.  Forecast the estimated service life for each roof through by compiling a rating score through inspection.

Let Tecta America set up a roof assessment to help you determine the remaining life of your roof and forecast capital spending and roof replacements.