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For many people, job interviews are the most stressful part of an employment search, but they don’t have to be an intimidating experience. Candidates can turn a solid interview into a job offer by being prepared, presenting a professional demeanor, and describing their qualifications well. Tradespeople and office employees at Tecta America come ready for their interviews – something employers always appreciate. These are some tips from our employees:

1. Do your Research
Make sure you are able to speak both knowledgeably and confidently about the company and the position you applied for. Employers appreciate candidates who understand the job they are interviewing for; this shows you went beyond learning your responsibilities and want to learn about the company as a whole.

2. Be Ready to Talk About Yourself
You will need to talk about your background, but don’t just repeat your resume. Practice talking about your skills and experience, and bring your background to life. Employers want you to tell them about past projects, challenges and rewarding moments in your career. Make sure your answers are concise but detailed. Try the STAR method to practice responses to behavioral questions.

  • Situation: Set the scene and give details of your example
  • Task: Describe your responsibilities in the situation
  • Action: Explain exactly the steps you took to address it
  • Result: Share the outcomes of your actions achieved

3. Have Questions Ready
Interviews are a two-way process. When employers ask “Do you have any questions for me?” They want you to say something. Questions show that you are interested in the position you applied for, and how much you know about your field. Plus, a long pause during an interview can be awkward. Ask questions like: “How does my position align with the company’s current business objectives?” Or ask: “How many of your roofers go on to become foreman? How long does that journey take?”

4. Dress Professionally
This goes without saying, but always present the best version of yourself. If you do wear dress clothes, make sure they are ironed and cleaned thoroughly. A messy appearance could give the impression that you don’t care about the interview.

5. Arrive on Time
Punctuality matters to hiring managers. They have busy schedules too, so be considerate and show up on time so that you don’t take time away from them. This will also show employers how responsible you are. Do yourself a favor and show up 15 to 20 minutes early, so that you are relaxed and ready to interview.

Remember to be yourself. Employers want to know about your background, but they also want to understand your work ethic, goals, and values. So be prepared, not rehearsed, and you will have a smooth interview.

Ready to ace your next interview with Tecta America?