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Schwickerts Tecta America was named Minnesota State University, Mankato’s 2018 Corporate Philanthropic Partner of the Year Award.

Over the course of Schwickert’s Tecta America’s 110-year history, it has partnered with Minnesota State University, Mankato on construction projects, building remodels and more.

It has played an important role in the growth and development of the Construction Management Program and it has been a long time supporter and advocate for MSU, Mankato athletics.

“That’s always been kind of a common theme in our business and started with my grandpa and dad and we’ve had a lot of success. We’ve been here over 110 years now with over 250 employees and families that we support. You give back. This community has been good to us,” said Kim Schwickert, Schwickerts Tecta America Chairman/COO.

“It’s really interesting the relationships and friendships that we’ve had over time with the administrative people. It’s deeper than give money and get paid to do something. It’s a community and family that we’ve created,” said Kent Schwickert, Tecta America Senior Vice President National Business Unit and NRCA Chairman of the Board.

Schwickerts Tecta America was pivotal in helping the university expand it’s Construction Management Program.

“I think the value of Minnesota State University, Mankato is the quality of people they produce. It’s a very good school and when I look at construction management around the country I think we have the cream of the crop here in Mankato. I’m serious,” said Kim Schwickert.

For over the past 10 years Schwickerts Tecta America has had 20 interns from Minnesota State University, Mankato. They’ve hired 16 of those to fill full-time positions at the company.

“It makes sense,” says Kevin Palmer, Schwickerts Tecta America President. “The people that are coming into our organization are more prepared. They are prepared in real-world type situations and the use of technology. They’re prepared in estimating, business law and contract language at a very high level.”

The benefits for students is obvious. They receive real-world experience that helps prepare them for their careers.