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Commercial Roofing For Education

Our roofing expertise helps improve efficiency in these types of facilities and more.

Comprehensive Care for your Education Facility

  • Nursery/Pre-schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Elementary Schools
  • Training Centers
  • High Schools
  • Foundations
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Boarding Schools

Tecta has put an emphasis on educational institutions and will solve any roofing issue while understanding the routine in the learning environment.

  • Students and employees are safe during class hours and their classrooms are safe after hours
  • Work schedules are designed to minimize conflicts with school procedures
  • The integrity of complex building systems and confidential information are safeguarded at all times
  • We understand that schools need to manage operations and expenses judiciously
  • Tecta has the experience and the expertise to install or repair any roof without affecting students, staff, or undue disruption of daily routine

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