Urbana Luxury Apartments – Hunter’s Creek – Orlando, Florida


Urbana Luxury Apartments is an upscale apartment complex located in south Orlando offering a variety of award-winning lifestyle options in an array of floor plans. There was project complexity, creative problem solving, design uniqueness and workmanship that was required to initiate, manage and complete a project of this size and scope. This project received the 2018 2nd Place Award for Waterproofing from Sika Sarnafil. A courtyard which doubles as not only a roof, but also a park-like area for residents to enjoy is a central amenity to the lifestyle, architecture and ambiance of the these luxurious apartments. The courtyard amenities include spacious artificial turf areas for play, an outdoor kitchen, and plenty space to relax. It is used as an evening lounging and entertainment spot and can be reserved for private parties.



This installation was highly challenging due to a compressed production schedule. The upper roof surrounding the courtyard is a 60mil Sarnafil G410 fleece back material which was adhered directly to the LWIC substrate using Sarnocol 2121. This 71,500sf roof, riddled with penetrations, was installed in approximately three weeks, freeing up many other trades to perform their work.


The courtyard roof is 32,500sf. The substrate is structural concrete with an additional layer of sloped concrete poured on top creating a ¼” slope throughout. The concrete was then primed with Sika Surface Conditioner 150. The membrane on this roof was a 60mil Sarnafil G476SA which is self-adhered directly to the concrete. The membrane was then segregated from the overburden with a layer of Drainage Panel Geonet B.


Lok-Down Paver System– Pedestal heights were adjusted from 3” to 14” to ensure a perfectly level finished product.

Gravel Areas– 3” stone was installed in these areas at different thicknesses to create a level finished surface equal

to the adjacent areas.

Vegetative Areas- 57 stone was used as a base to ensure proper percolation took place. Above the 57 stone we installed a soil mixture with high percolation rates and Florida native plants which have a high tolerance to drought conditions.

Artificial Turf Areas– 57stone was installed at varying thicknesses. Above that, a smaller stone was installed and compacted providing a solid and level surface to install the turf. Above the base we installed an 80oz artificial turf. This turf had several cool features including infill for heat control and has a feature to mitigate odors. This is an exceptional benefit as this is a residential building and people will be bringing their pets to enjoy the courtyard.



Operating Unit: Tecta America Southeast - Sanford, Florida
Client: Urbana Luxury Apartments
Industry Type: Apartment Complex
Project Type: Roof Installation
Location: Orlando, FL
Square Footage: 71,500
Systems Installed: Sika Sarnafil