Texas School for the Blind


The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired was established by the Sixth Texas Legislature on August 16, 1856, as The Blind Institute, with five members of the board of trustees appointed by Governor Elisha M. Pease. The location of the first Blind Institute was at the residence of Mr. W. L. Hill who leased the premises for the purpose of establishing a school for the blind.


The project consisted of the newly constructed Instructional Building and Public Square Building with the construction of roof systems including low slope modified roofing and steep slope standing seam metal roofing.

The modified membrane scope included a rigid insulation board mechanically fastened to flat metal structural decking, and installing tapered insulation and cover board, set in asphalt bitumen, with a base ply modified membrane and torching a High Reflective white cap membrane.

The standing seam metal scope included flat rigid insulation board mechanically fastened to a 6:12 sloped metal deck, and mechanically seamed standing seam panels with a 20-year watertight warranty.

Several areas of new metal wall panels were included in the scope performed.


  • All work included architectural sheet metal associated with the modified roof system
  • Strict enforcement to access buildings, including badging of men
  • HUB Participation, including all suppliers & subcontractors


  • All personnel participated in a daily safety program issued by the Texas Facility Commission


Operating Unit: Tecta America Austin
Client: Texas Facilities Commission
Industry Type: Government (State)
Project Type: New Construction
Location: Austin, TX
Square Footage: 91,300
Systems Installed: Modified Membrane, Standing Seam Metal, Metal Wall Panels, Architectural Sheet Metal