Symmes Township Residence

This Symmes Township customer needed a new roof.  We installed a GAF System Plus roof using GAF Timberline HD shingles and all the accessories, including a GAF “GREEN MACHINE” Solar-Powered Exhaust Fan to replace the four box vents on the upper back of their roof.  Hip roofs are notoriously tricky to vent correctly.  In this particular case, there was not enough ridge vent footage to satisfy the rigorous NFA/NFVA ratios…   so we decided to ‘suck’ the hot air out of their attic in a ‘green’ way. 


You will notice the new shingles in the AFTER photo, but also notice the “Cricket” we installed behind the chimney.  Crickets are required by Ohio Building Code for all chimneys 30 inches in width or wider.  A Cricket diverts ice, snow, water, debris to either side of the chimney so that ‘stuff’ doesn’t build up behind the chimney leading to the inevitable damage that will occur sooner or later.



Operating Unit: Tecta America Zero LLC
Client: Symmes Township Resident
Industry Type: Residential
Project Type: New Roof
Location: Symmes Township
Systems Installed: GAF