Fidelity West Data Center


Fidelity Investments is known for their financial planning and advice, retirement plans, wealth management ser­vices and more. The massive investment company built a brand new data center in Omaha, Nebraska. Construction on the $200 million data center began in fall of 2012. Schwickert’s was hired as the roofing contractor on the project. For a contract amount of 1.75 million dollars, Schwickert’s installed 40,000 square feet of green roof on the new facility. Construction on the roof began in fall of 2013 and was completed in June of 2014.

The membrane installed was a Garland Mod Bit Torch Applied system. The green roof system installed included var­ious layers: root barrier, drainage mat, capillary mat (holds water), drainage aggregate and an engineered growing medium, which encompassed over 90 percent off the building’s roof area.

The roof was formed into rolling hills, varying in thicknesses to resemble the rolling hills of a prairie. Over 50,000 native vegetation plugs of different prairie grasses were planted. Also, wildflowers and sedum were also planted. The type of irrigation used for the green roof is an efficient drip irrigation system, with moisture sensing technology. The project is LEED Gold Certified.


Operating Unit: Schwickerts, A Tecta America Company
Client: Fidelity West Data Center
Industry Type: Industrial
Project Type: New Construction and Green Roof
Location: Omaha, NE
Square Footage: 40,000
Systems Installed: Green Roof