Montgomery Furniture Expansion

Project Details:

  • Over the existing building, we installed a retrofit TPO roof system with polyisocyanurate flute fill 1.5” polyisocyanurate and a White TPO roof system.
  • Over the new roof areas, we installed an adhered EPDM roof system with two layers of polyisocyanurate.
  • We installed Delta Series corrugated wall panels on the backside of the building.
  • We installed Dri-Design wall panel system over the window.

[stm_project_details style=”style_2″ title=”PROJECT DETAILS”][stm_project_details_item label=”Operating Unit:” value=”ARS”][stm_project_details_item label=”Completion Date:” value=”09/13/2014″][stm_project_details_item label=”Industry Type” value=”Public”][stm_project_details_item label=”Project Type” value=”Remodel”][stm_project_details_item label=”Location:” value=”Sioux Falls, SD”][stm_project_details_item label=”Square Footage:” value=”42,386″][stm_project_details_item label=”System Installed:” value=”EPDM Roof System, TPO Roof System, Delta Series Corrugated Panels, Dri-Design Panels”][/stm_project_details][stm_contacts_widget title=”ARS, A Tecta America Commercial Roofing Company” address=”1010 S. Commerce Avenue – PO Box 39, Sioux Falls, SD 57101″ phone=”605-332-1698″ fax=”605-336-7696″ email=”jziebarth@tectaamerica.com”]