Milwaukee U.S. Post Office


This project consisted of complete roof removal & replacement of this expansive roof in downtown Milwaukee, under a very tight deadline. Although the scale of the project provided some initial productivity challenges, FJAC was able to streamline processes to improve scheduling and meet the Federal government’s deadline.  Also meeting quality assurance requirements, FJAC coordinated its work with multiple levels of oversight including the general contractor and numerous federal agencies/inspectors.

Seagull control (a water bird protected by the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources (WDNR)) considerations were present as well. Seagulls lived on the Milwaukee USPS roof, requiring coordination with WDNR.  FJAC determined means and methods to protect the seagulls, and our job site, by safely keeping the seagulls away.  The services of a Falconer provided a falcon and dogs to safely and humanely remove the seagulls from the project site.

The Amtrak parking lot was utilized for staging one of the multiple phases. Amtrak parking lot and adjacent Amtrak train tracks required a high level of coordination and planning to avoid apparent safety and operational issues for Amtrak and its passengers.


Operating Unit: F.J.A. Christiansen Roofing, A Tecta America Company
Client: Milwaukee U.S. Post Office
Indsutry Type: Govenment (Federal)
Project Type: Roof Replacement
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Square Footage: NA
Systems Installed: Fully adhered EPDM Insulation Architectural Sheet Metal