Mercy Hospital West


Mercy Health believes in the West Side of Cincinnati. That is why we have brought our world-class healthcare services to the heart of the West Side. Close to home for a thriving community of families, friends and neighbors, West Hospital is our commitment to helping the West Side be well.



The vegetated roof – the largest in Ohio – spans 2.5 acres and features more than 65,000 plants, all native to Ohio. Intensive, 30-inch high berms bearing prairie grasses and perennials swirl across the roof, “recalling the rolling hills of Ohio’s ancient prairies,” remarked Gary Meisner, President of Meisner + Associates of Cincinnati, the landscape architect on this project. “There is something soothing about seeing the wind blowing across the grasses.



  • Added over 2 acres of green roof
  • Installed 14 dome skylights and 2 large custom curved skylights
  • Laid 640 tons of #4 gravel put down 6″ thick
  • Planted over 120,000 plants
  • 1500 LF of edging
  • 2100 cu ys of growth media



There were several challenges Tecta America Zero Company faced when installing the roof system.

  • The layout was very work-intensive, and included cutting and putting saddles in for drainage.

  • It was really taxing dealing with the other trades on the roof. Windows were being installed above Tecta, so we had to have a lot of coordination and communication to get the job done on time.

  • The installation of therapeutic stairs – “We had to work with the concrete trade to coordinate the pouring of concrete over the membrane,” Gennett stated. “We then had to go back and flash the membrane and install pavers and pedestals, which had to line up perfectly to accommodate different elevations of steps.”


Today the green roof at the Mercy Health-West Hospital is leak-free and reaping accolades. In fact, patients often request roof-view rooms, according to Stephens. “Imagine looking out on a roof that has flowers and butterflies and birds instead of pavers and gravel,” Johnson stated. “The roof is a dramatic way to provide patients and families with a view of something that is dynamic and alive.”


Operating Unit: Tecta America Zero Company
Client: Mercy Hospital West
Industry Type: Healthcare
Project Type: New Construction, TectaGreen, LEED
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Square Footage: 194,800
Systems Installed: Singly Ply PVC, TPO, Metal, Green Roof, Architectureal Sheet Metal