Kopp’s Frozen Custard


Kopp’s Retains its Milwaukee Landmark Status Inside and Out

“A Landmark in the Metro-Milwaukee Area Since 1950,” Kopp’s Custard has been pleasing guests’ taste buds for generations through its area locations offering individual custard, hamburgers and associated treats.  While serving distinctive quality food inside, Kopp’s Custard stand in Glendale also presents a unique cedar shake roof topside.


Cedar roofing brings a distinction to a building but requires specialized knowledge and installation skills – skills that were exhibited by FJAC crews in this roof replacement project.  This particular project was further challenged by a unique rounded roof structure.  A variety of roofing materials were considered, but the Kopp’s owners opted to stick with cedar shakes for its unique aesthetic characteristics.  The existing cedar roof had been in place for 25 years and was worn out.  FJAC crews installed a complete ice and water barrier, and breather mat underneath the new cedar shakes on the 3,800-square-foot area.  Insulation was also part of the new roof system, and new metal trim was installed.


As a natural product, cedar needs to breathe.  To provide breathing room, the shakes traditionally are installed over spaced horizontal sheathing, with the spacing measurement depending on the exposure of the wood.  Alternatively, a breather material is available to provide air flow the wood needs to dry out.  The product is about a quarter-inch thick but is not visible after installation of the wood shakes (or wood shingles).  Wood’s interaction with the environment, or “weathering,” has much to do with its aesthetic character.  The wood will expand as it absorbs water and contract as it dries out.  Roofing shakes and shingles are both made from naturally durable wood species, such as western red cedar.  This wood species remains a top material choice given its natural decay resistance, water repellency, low weight, dimensional stability and straight grain.


To accommodate the restaurant’s schedule, FJAC crews worked on the roof in segments, handling all tear-off work before 10 a.m. each day of the two-week project.  As a business with a lot of customer traffic, extra precaution ensured a safe and clean work area, especially during the busy hours of serving Kopp’s famous hamburgers and custard.  FJAC crews were praised as “considerate and caring” as the owner was pleased that such a major project had only a minimal amount impact on their normal business operations.  FJAC delivered just what Kopp’s was looking for – a quality roof with a distinctive look.  “The roof looks good, we’re very happy with it,” they remarked.



Operating Unit: F.J.A Christiansen Roofing Co., Inc.
Client: Kopp's Frozen Custard, Inc
Industry Type: Hospitality
Project Type: Re-roof
Location: Glendale, WI
Square Footage: 3,800
Systems Installed: Cedar Shake, Steep Slope