Indiana Government Center


Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana Government Center was in need of a renovation on its modified bitumen roof. Years of wear and tear had led to faulty conditions and with the warranty expired, the building was in need of guaranteed protection.

The main issue on this roof was the expired warranty. Acting as a major government center for the state of Indiana, it was imperative that the roof did not leak and cause a slowdown of the center’s day-to-day operations. Utilizing the PM 15-year Watertight Warranty, Blackmore & Buckner Roofing, a Tecta America Company, was able to offer the Government Center a decade and a half of guaranteed leak protection.

After completing all phases of the project, the state of Indiana was very pleased with its roof restoration. Their aging modified bitumen roof now has a new 15-year warranty and is guaranteed to keep water out of the building. On top of that, the cost savings from the UV protection on the roof will add up quickly. Along with lowering the energy usage in this building, the cool roof also helped the environment by eliminating copious amounts of landfill waste. By going with a PM silicone roof coating, the Blackmore & Buckner team did not have to tear off any of the aged mod bit, saving time and money on the project as well as creating a sustainable roofing solution for the state.

The final benefit to the state on this job was the fact that choosing a PM silicone roof restoration over a new roof saved the taxpayers money. It is estimated that the state of Indiana saved over $250,000 on this project alone simply by choosing the Blackmore & Buckner + PM silicone team.


Operating Unit: Blackmore & Buckner Roofing, A Tecta America Company
Client State of Indiana
Industry Type: Government
Project Type: Roof Coating Restoration
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Square Footage: 32,000
Systems Installed: PM Silicone Coating