Greenfield Fire Department

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Roof Rescue for Greenfield Fire Department

A combination flat roof and mansard roof on the Greenfield Fire Department headquarters was transformed into a sloped roof with a new gutter system that has eliminated leaking problems.  The existing roof, from the 1990’s, was at the end of its life, while leaks were common in the EPDM (rubber)-lined gutters.  FJAC utilized a retrofitting system developed by ReRoof America that would provide all the measured pieces and engineered shop drawings needed to create the standing-seam, metal panel, sloped roof.


On the flat roof area, all roofing elements, including insulation, were removed down to the plywood deck.  A 60-mil EPDM membrane was laid directly on the deck to keep the building dry while the new sloped roof system was being built.  Despite a lot of rain during the project and the need to create openings in the membrane to secure the framing, there were no leaks during installation.  With the old roofing elements removed, a Roof Hugger retrofit framing system was installed, with horizontal joists to support Reroof America’s Cura framing system.  The Roof Hugger system was installed over the existing mansard panels and supports the new Garland R-Mer Span metal panels.  The Cura framing was fit to line up with the plan of the Roof Huggers.  An existing parapet wall was removed and replaced with a support system crafted at FJAC of 16-gauge metal shaped like a chair and bent to the pitch of the roof.


Though somewhat like an Erector set approach, this project was anything but joining two pieces with a screw and a nut as FJAC crews demonstrated their onsite field know-how and metalwork skills.  Adjustments were required to keep the many hips and valleys in line, and to create a flat area on an existing scale that was sloped four ways.  These challenges notwithstanding, it was essential to maintain a straight profile for the new roof.  Proper installation of the framing was critical, as adjustments needed to be made to ensure the appropriate roof pitch was maintained, so the new sloped area lined up with the slope of the mansard.  FJAC crews established a ridge at the proper angle and then adjusted framing elements toward the peak.  A bullnose dormer, relocation of gutter drains to avoid ice problems in cold weather, and new snow retention bar system was among further enhancements provided by FJAC crews.


The sloped, metal roof will be more maintenance-free than the previous system, providing a real roof rescue for the Greenfield Fire Department.[stm_project_details style=”style_2″ title=”PROJECT DETAILS” css=”.vc_custom_1428651906989{margin-bottom: 41px !important;}”][stm_project_details_item label=”Operating Unit:” value=”F.J.A Christiansen Roofing Co., Inc.”][stm_project_details_item label=”Client:” value=”Greenfield Fire Department”][stm_project_details_item label=”Industry Type:” value=”Municipal”][stm_project_details_item label=”Project Type:” value=”Retrofit”][stm_project_details_item label=”Location:” value=”Greenfield, WI”][stm_project_details_item label=”Square Footage:” value=”NA”][stm_project_details_item label=”Systems Installed:” value=”Metal Panel and Framing”][/stm_project_details][stm_contacts_widget title=”CONTACT INFO” address=”2101 W. Purdue Street Madison, WI 53209″ phone=”414-445-4141″ fax=”414-449-4748″ email=”info@christensenroofing.com”]