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Purdue Extension in the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) is a network of county-based Extension Educators that serve all 92 Indiana counties. These Educators draw upon research and expertise from Purdue University to educate communities and help identify practical solutions to local needs. HHS Extension delivers educational programs, applied research and resources to your community, with a focus on issues related to food, family, money, and health.


A 4 story structure, with sloped portions of building along building perimeter and center, and flat roofs in the steep parts of the structure.

On the sloped portions of the roof (approximately 22,800 square feet), Blackmore & Buckner Roofing, LLC installed a layer of ¾” fire rated plywood over the new metal roof deck, and mechanically fastened it in place. A layer of self-adhering ice and water shield was installed over the plywood, and a Decra Stone coated metal Tile roof system was installed. All metal tiles were screwed in place to the plywood deck.
Steep portion of the project involved substantial amounts of valley work, hips, ridges, and wall transitions which were all done using Decra Stone coated accessories, and stone coated metal fabricated to the flashing details as needed.

Alpine snow guards were custom painted to match the stone coated metal roofing tiles and were installed in the metal tile roof system over doors and walkways.
New Metal-Era gutters, downspouts, and copings were installed on this portion of the project as well.

The flat roof portions of the project (approximately 22,600 square feet), involved the installation of a new insulated Firestone SBS roofing system.
All of the flat roof areas were covered with a layer of Dens Deck cover board, which was screwed to the metal roof deck. The thermal barrier board was primed, and a layer of Firestone V-Force Vapor Barrier was installed.


Operating Unit: Blackmore & Buckner Roofing, A Tecta America Company
Client Purdue University
Industry Type: Education
Project Type: New Construction
Location: West Lafayette, IN
Square Footage: 22,800 Metal Tile Roofing, 22,600 SBS Roofing
Systems Installed: Decra metal tile and Firestone Cold Applied SBS