Eli Lilly & Company


Project involved the complete removal and replacement of approximately 734 squares of existing coal tar pitch roofing system, comprised of 11 separate roof areas.
The roofs on this building cover the main entrance and lobby of the technology center Eli Lilly & Company, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Indianapolis. Several of the roofs involved with this project were also over very sensitive manufacturing and research areas.
Eli Lilly & Company is one of the most Safety conscious corporations in Indiana, and working on their facility takes a lot of effort to comply with their safety requirements.

The different roof areas were spread out across the building, and at many different elevations.
Scaffolding stairwells, ramps, platforms, and walkways were erected and installed to provide access to the roofs, and allow us to get debris off the roofs, and new materials on to the roofs.

The project consisted of removal of an existing coal tar pitch and gravel roof, along with underlying perlite and urethane roof insulation boards.
New 2” ISO insulation was secured to the metal roof deck, a second layer of 2” ISO was adhered to the base layer of insulation with Soprema DuoTack Insulation Adhesive, and a cover board of ½” SecureRock was installed, again in Soprema Insulation Adhesive.

A smooth Soprema SBS base sheet, and a white granular surfaced Soprema SBS cap sheet were installed over the new roof insulation, in a low VOC cold process asphalt adhesive.
All laps in the new base and cap ply were hot air welded.

All flashings were done utilizing the same two ply system, adhered with cold applied flashing adhesive.

New pre-finished steel coping, pre-finished steel edge metal, new stainless steel counterflashing receivers and counterflashing were installed to complete the project.


Operating Unit: Blackmore & Buckner Roofing, A Tecta America Company
Client: Eli Lilly & Company
Industry Type: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company
Project Type: Re-Roofing / Replacement
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Square Footage: 73,040
Systems Installed: Soprema cold applied SBS Modified Bitumen Roof System


The project was very labor intensive due to the limited access on site, and the distance much of the debris and materials have to be moved. The work was very slow going, and careful use of scaffolding, ramps, platforms and roadways over the roofs allowed us to move our materials as needed. We were hard at work on this project when winter came in with a vengeance and shut us down completely until spring.

The project was re-mobilized, and complete in the spring of 2015.