University of California Berkeley


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  • Removal and storage of clay tile; demolition of tile underlayment, existing gutters, and sheet metal flashing.
  • Furnishing and installation of 2 layer high-temperature, self-adhering tile underlayment and gutter lining.
  • Furnishing and installation of a copper gutter, 2 layers of high temperature, self-adhering underlayment, and flashings.
  • Reinstallation of existing clay tile with wire-tie installation system.
  • Replacement of existing low slope roofing with thermoplastic membrane roofing fully adhered substrate board adhered to existing deck and replacement of existing standpipe enclosures as an alternate.
  • Demolition of existing cement plaster along the bottom of the wall to accommodate counter flashing work.
  • Furnishing and installation of weather resistive barrier, building wrap, self-adhered flashing, galvanized wire lath and cement plaster to replace existing where demolished.
  • Furnishing and installation of copper gutters at dormers as an alternate.
  • Removal of mechanical equipment.
  • Installation of new mechanical equipment and related finishes and repairs.


Operating Unit: Western Roofing Service, A Tecta America Company
Client: University of California Regents
Industry Type: Education
Project Type: Re-Roof, Tile
Location: Berkeley, CA
Square Footage: 33,000
Systems Installed: Tile