TGI Friday’s

Project Scope:

This project consisted of the installation of a complete new roof system over a restaurant. The existing roof on the structure was in deplorable condition and had deteriorated due to the presence of extensive grease from the kitchen exhausts which are housed on the roof. The roof area also housed additional mechanical and refrigerant equipment common to a restaurant. The roof was a relatively small area to accommodate such an abundance of equipment, which contributed to the job difficulty. The roof also had no structural slope, and we were limited in the ability to add a tapered insulation system to aid in drainage due to the equipment being installed so close to the roof surface.

With the present conditions being as they were, we chose a PVC single ply roof system that has a high tolerance to animal fats and grease that inevitably will be deposited on the roof from the kitchen operations and also has a high tolerance for ponding water. Our crews methodically removed small sections of the roof and installed the new roof system without disrupting the ongoing restaurant operations. We were able to accomplish the successful completion by temporarily removing some of the equipment and ductwork and completing the roofing and reinstalling the equipment. In the end, the roof was successfully completed, with new drains aiding in the drainage and overall performance of the new roof, which will perform on this restaurant well beyond the 20-year warranty.


Operating Unit: Roofing Services and Solutions
Client TGI Friday's
Industry Type: Hospitality
Project Type: Re-Roof
Location: St. Louis, MO
Square Footage: 3,500 square feet
Systems Installed: PVC single-ply roof system