Brown Shoe

Project Scope:

This particular project consisted of 2 main roof areas totaling 75,000 sq. feet and the project scope included complete removal of all existing roofing including 9+ inches of lightweight concrete down to the structural concrete roof deck. The scope of work included the installation of a temporary roof/vapor retarder installed directly to the concrete deck after the removal of the lightweight insulating concrete. We then installed a tapered Expanded Polystyrene insulation system in low rise foam adhesive. The tapered EPS had a coverboard pre-laminated to it to assist in a labor and cost-saving measure. Over the tapered insulation, we installed an EPDM fleece-back roof membrane assembly which was also adhered in low rise foam adhesive.

Additional aspects of this project included complete removal of roofing and metal deck over a patio area which will in a later phase have a new canopy-style covering over the open patio. We are also installing a new paver system in the patio area which also included a 4-foot wide garden roof around the perimeter where the client will grow some of their own vegetables for use in their cafeteria for the food service for their employees. The garden roof will also incorporate assorted native plants of varying heights and colors for visual stimulation and a natural barrier to help keep employees off the main roof area.


Operating Unit: Roofing Services and Solutions
Client Brown Shoe
Industry Type: Retail
Project Type: Re-Roof
Location: St. Louis, MO
Square Footage: 75,000 square feet
Systems Installed: EPDM fleeceback