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BRB Roofing

Since 1975 we have grown to about 100 employees who focus on standing seam metal roofing. We specialize in converting flat roofs to Sloped® (known as retrofit metal roofing).

You can be sure your new roof will be installed correctly.

  • We have extensive knowledge of what will work and what will not work
  • We know what to ask our customers to meet their needs
  • We know how to correctly install a standing seam metal roof
  • We are a trusted advisor to many architects in Oklahoma when they need help with a design

You need to know the company you hire is financially stable and can service the warranties it provides. BRB Roofing has operated in the same region for the entire history of the company. We have steadily grown year after year. We have crews all over the state on a regular basis and will service any warranty work in a professional and timely manner.


BRB Roofing has an excellent safety record. We strive to stay in compliance with all OSHA requirements. From the moment we arrive, BRB Roofing’s focus is on ensuring the safety of everyone and everything on or around the work site.



The quality of our materials and craftsmanship is unmatched by anyone. We install 24 gauge Standing Seam metal roofing with the proper panel clips. We use only the highest quality sealants, fasteners, roof jacks and baked on paint finishes. We manufacture our trip, equipment curbs and framing systems.



We have state of the art equipment and a state of the art metal shop. We can bring our machinery to your work site to produce roof panels and accessories as needed. Packaging and shipping charges are reduced while quality is improved because we can make exactly what you need at the work site. We have scissor lift trucks that we use to lift equipment and produce roof panels directly onto your building structure.


Please check out our website for more information on our services.


Standing Seam metal roof systems are well known for their long life span and ability to withstand the elements making it and obvious choice for owners who need a new roof.

The products our company supplies:

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WeatherBoss 412 – Click here to learn more:

DuraLock 116 Panels – Click here to learn more:

DuraLock 175 Panels – Click here to learn more:

SnowBoss Snow Retention System – Click here to learn more:

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GBA Architects:

“The personnel sent by BRB to man the projects have been extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.  The firm’s office personnel have handled the projects in a professional manner.”

James D. Atkinson, Architect

Altus Public Schools:

“Coordination between the project supervisor and school officials was outstanding.  BRB personnel kept school officials informed during all phases of each project.  No accidents or incidents occurred at any of the project sites.”
John Redelsperger, Director of Related Services

Troy Lewis 

Northeast Oklahoma Public Facilities Authority:

“BRB coordinated its efforts so the office was able to operate its daily business without interruption, hazards, or obstacles to our employees and our customers.”

Jim Reagan, General Manager