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Learning a trade is a great way to build a career. The work looks simple, but it takes advanced skills and knowledge to build a sustainable career full of growth. People who go into trades receive skilled training that will help them perform on the job. When they finish their training, tradespeople like roofers, painters, masons, and mobile crane operators have steady employment. Most tradespeople acquire their knowledge and experience without accumulating major student debt. These are six reasons why you should consider becoming a roofer:

1. Learning on the Job

Knowledge in the roofing industry is not hidden behind the ivory gates of a college campus. To know the job, roofers learn on the job. From their first day, roofers learn how to measure, solder, and properly lay down material. Roofers who want to further their knowledge can also attend registered apprenticeship programs, technical schools, and community college courses. There are several ways to learn how to become a competent roofer.

2. Job Security

Roofs always need maintenance. Roofs are built to last, but over time the weather deteriorates them. Roofers do not just build new roof systems they also repair existing ones.  Clients prefer to fix their rooftop than pay for a completely new one. As long as roofers continue to develop their skills, they will be able to fix major problems in roofing systems.

3. Career Opportunities

The Roofing industry, like many trades, is undergoing a transformation in its labor force.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings are expected to arise because of a retiring labor force. New workers will be needed to occupy those jobs.

4. Career Growth

Roofers have the potential to grow into other roles at their companies. Workers who want to do more can go on to work as service technicians, foremen, and estimators. There are several paths for professional development in the industry. With the right support and desire to learn about the business side of roofing, employees can go into leadership roles.

5. Teamwork

Roofers work on major projects in teams. Roofing thrives on teamwork. Systems require the efforts of many people working in unison. These teams turn into families that can last a lifetime.

6. Satisfaction

Roofers get to transform something old and dilapidated into something new. They see the efforts of their labor in a real, tangible way. They improve their communities one rooftop at a time.


A career in roofing has many benefits and can lead to countless professional development opportunities. If you are ready to start a long-term career path and enter an industry that values its employees, check out our open positions.