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FJA Christiansen Roofing Served Brunch at the Ronald McDonald House

It was a great day this past Saturday morning, as FJAC served brunch to families in need at our local Ronald McDonald House on Watertown Plank in ‘Tosa.

We served approximately 50 parents/kids who were in Milwaukee as their children were being cared for across the street at Children’s Hospital.  Like the 180-some locations across the U.S. this facility provides a wonderful home away from home for families, saving them from the added expense and inconvenience of living out of hotels & restaurants as their loved ones are cared for over extended periods.

Through the Roofing Alliance, where we’ve been members since it formed in ’96, we have adopted the roofs of all of these facilities across the country.  Tecta-alone has adopted approximately 30 of these locations.  Rick has spearhead FJAC roofing help over the past year as we keep them protected from the elements.

We look forward to continuing to provide this opportunity to help others in need. Thank you Sonia Robinson for organizing and to all who were able to make it this time around.