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Tecta America Snow Damage Commercial Roof

Snow removal is a critical part of commercial roofing maintenance

Proper preparation of your roof is critical at any time, but the winter months raise even more concern. If a roof collapses under heavy snow, you’ll risk building damage, productivity loss or worse, an injury to an employee.

Major issues to be considered:

  1. What is the current snow load on your building? With a big storm, roof weights can become a serious issue.
  2. Are you continuously draining your roof? Snowstorms and thawing make it critical that you clear all gutters and drains.
  3. Has the ice been falling? When ice forms on gutters and overhangs, there can be serious issues for anyone working at or visiting your facility
  4. Has snow packed around the building? Avoid moisture problems by keeping snow build-up away from outside walls.
  5. Is the roof leaking? Leaks can happen in unusual places, have you checked potential sources?


Stay on Track and in Business

Tecta America has the expertise to properly evaluate and execute a plan to take care of your winter roofing needs. Connect with us and figure out your best plan to keep snow off your roof.