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Special Kneads and Treats

Being a part of something “SPECIAL.”


About Special Kneads and Treats

Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. has been operating for just over 3 years.  They are 501c3 with a core mission to try to ensure that any child that has a birthday and their family cannot afford a birthday cake received one FREE from them.

Presently employed are 13 special needs adults along with 7 volunteers, with over 140 special needs adults on the wait list to have a place to work and receive a sense of pride and accomplishment.


What they do


Special Kneads and Treats provide valuable work experience and training to special needs adults, encouraging self-confidence, a sense of value and the opportunity to enjoy success and socialization. Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through caring, serving, equipping and educating, they cater to local Food Ministry Cooperatives, Elderly Care Facilities, Battered Women and Children’s homes, Medically Fragile Children’s Homes as well as many small locally owned businesses and community outreach programs.

Their program allows this special group of people an opportunity to provide for those less fortunate or in need with specialty baked goods and services. Profits from standard sales are injected back into community programs to further assist Special Needs awareness, research and many other areas of need. Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. provides support to disadvantaged children and adults living in impoverished communities in both the local area as well as similar communities across the U.S.A. and abroad.

Their program provides strategic partnerships between local business and government enterprises to these same communities. Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. facilitates the efforts of job skill training in the bakery by providing a safe environment for the workers and a resource center for individuals in the community while providing a holistic life skill development through love and caring for all residents in these same communities above.

They have had a wonderful two years and nine months, but now they believe that God has placed a new and bigger vision in their hearts.  They envision a larger facility where more special needs can be employed that is more suitable for those requiring wheelchairs and walkers along with the ability to produce more products in support of the less fortunate and in need which could also be utilized as a distribution point feeding into small storefronts in most of the surrounding cities which in turn would allow for more special needs employment and community outreach.

They have procured a mortgage on a larger 11,000 square foot facility just about eight blocks from their current space on the Lawrenceville Square. This could not only provide for what was stated above but also could open up more special needs employment opportunities that could include the ability to start shipping their product along with the capacity to handle larger contracted orders by stores and businesses that may wish to sell their branded products.

This new building will serve as the base of operations with a full commercial kitchen that is completely handicap accessible to employ more special needs and provide greater services for those less fortunate within the surrounding areas.

Special Kneads sent a generic letter of introduction to area businesses seeking corporate support for help with roofing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and interior modifications.

Tecta America Atlanta inspected the roof and determined that it needed to be replaced. It was in really bad shape and needed to be done prior to the business relocating.  Tecta America Atlanta inspected and figured out the best plan possible to make this space safe for Special Kneads and Treats employees and customers. They donated all of their time and labor for this project. They were also able to bring in other vendors they work with, and those suppliers donated the materials to the project.

Suppliers who donated:

CRS (Commercial Roofing Specialties) – donated roofing materials

Carlisle – donated roofing materials

D-MAC – donated metal decking for an area that had to be completely re-decked

Hopewell Roofing – Roofing materials and labor for a shingle section

The longer-term vision is that once the facility is in full swing, they are hopeful to have small storefronts around the surrounding communities where the higher functioning special needs can experience the opportunities of a retail like store front from the heart of their respective cities. The approach will bring more awareness to this wonderful and willing sector of the potential workforce. Future visions include replication of this model into other counties and across our great state and nation.

You can follow their progress and donate via a GoFundMe page: