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For the 14th year in a row, Tecta has awarded scholarships to children of our employees across the country who have demonstrated superior academic skills.  Over the years, this generous program, named in honor of John F. Miller – a Tecta founder and its first Chairman – has awarded well over $950,000 in scholarships since creation in 2005.

Applicants are chosen for an award based on their family’s commitment to the student’s continued academic success and perceived potential of the student, including GPA, a personal statement of their aspirations, career and personal goals, extra-curricular achievements, financial need, and recommendations from teachers, coaches and influential adults in their lives.

“I am so proud of Tecta America, a company that supports and honors its employees.” – John F. Miller, Founding Chairman, Tecta America Corp.

Those winning include:

Ilany Acevedo (Tecta America Atlanta)                                            Amber Atkinson (Roof Services)

Sena Balbach (Schwickerts)                                                               Bladyn Bartelt (Schwickerts)

Dennis Bikmayev  (Tecta America Zero)                                          Lily Bond (Melanson)

Nicolas Boyd (Weatherguard)                                                           Kevin Brown (Tecta America Atlanta)

Nicholas Castro (Tecta America Atlanta)                                          Abigale Daniels (CE Reeve Roofing)

Orley Estrada (Roof Services)                                                            Zach Gnall (Tecta America Jessup)

Megan Gonrowski (Schwickerts)                                                       Brian Gonzalez-Sanchez (FJA Christiansen)

Carrie Miranda Hobbs (Tecta America Carolinas)                          Eleanor Hoffman-Avina (Customer Solutions)

Britney Jackson (New England)                                                          Morgan Lebeda (Central Florida)

Brooke Legron (JB Roofing)                                                               Paige Lehman (Schwickerts)

Emma Leitel (FJA Christiansen)                                                          Matthew Morris (Roof Systems of Maine)

Zachary Neiss (Tecta America Dakotas)                                           Mayra Ojeda Rodriguez (CE Reeve Roofing)

Caroline Olivo (New England)                                                            John Olivo (New England)

Emma Paredes (Corporate)                                                                Annika Paulsen (ARS)

Anthony Pawling (FJA Christiansen)                                              Alondra Peregrino (Western Roofing)

Alexis Peterson (Schwickerts)                                                           Jenna Pittenger (Fort Wayne Roofing)

Jacqueline Rivera (Anthony Roofing)                                               Leslie Samperio (Illinois Roofing)

Jaden Schefers (Schwickerts)                                                            Shelby Schwarzhoff (Schwickerts)

Lexi Severin-Schultz (Schwickerts)                                                   MaKenzie Smith (Roofing Systems of Maine)

Ana Soltero (Seattle)                                                                           Bryson Stark (Tecta America Zero)

McCauley Stewart (New England)                                                     Akanne Torres Beltran (Central Florida)

Emma Turlo (Roofing Systems of Maine)                                         Ryan Velazquez (JB Roofing)

Brandilyn Williamson (Roof Services)


About John F. Miller

John F. Miller served as Chief Executive Officer of Western Roofing Service, a Tecta America Company, headquartered near San Francisco for nearly 30 years. Mr. Miller served as President of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and has served two terms as the President of Associated Roofing Contractors of Bay Area Counties, Inc. (ARCBAC), two terms as a member of the Board of Directors for the NRCA; and a term as the NRCA’S Senior Vice President. Mr. Miller played a critical role in forming Tecta America Corp. The Tecta America John F. Miller Scholarship Program has been established in Mr. Miller’s name to help Tecta employees with the expense of higher education for their dependent children and stepchildren.