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Operations Manager - Tecta AmericaNot all roofers are the same. They have different interests and want to develop in different ways. Roofers can go on to become operations managers without taking the traditional office route.

Field employees typically start off as Roofing Trainees. This role teaches the basics of the industry. Trainees learn how to build roofing systems, replace old ones, and perform preventative maintenance — the essential responsibilities of their trade. This period of learning is important for a future manager. Leaders on the roof are often called upon to develop solutions for any problems that slow down the production process.

Roofers can go on to become Crew Leads. Crew Leads provide direction during the removal and installation phases of a project, ensuring crew members use equipment correctly and work according to schedule. Crew Leads can transition into Foremen. Foremen make sure crews are working on schedule, safely, and according to product specification.

Superintendents oversee the daily activities of multiple roofing jobs. They are responsible for the management of the crews and may oversee many projects at the same time. Superintendents may also interact with customers and people at all levels of management to maintain scheduling, costs, and quality control during the course of a project. Superintendents may be promoted to Operations Managers.

Operations Managers work in conjunction with Operating Unit Presidents to oversee all aspects of a unit at Tecta America. Operations Managers oversee all the projects that the location is working on. They are responsible for scheduling all the staff and ensuring all the product and equipment are on site to ensure the job moves smoothly.

Roofers don’t have to go through the traditional office route to become Operations Managers. At Tecta America, we provide the stepping stones for professional growth. We want our employees to grow as the company grows.